Macbeth Teaser Trailer

14th September

The trailer for Justin Kurzel's screen adaptation of Macbeth has been received to wide acclaim. Macbeth's (Michael Fassbender) descent into madness in the second half of the trailer called for a darkly epic track. As a longtime fan of SWANSI was stoked that the track 'Lunacy' I chose from their brilliant album The Seer did the business. 

Watch the trailer here

Read about the trailer's Music Week Sync Awards nomination here

"Praise belongs to whoever realized the droning cacophony of Swans fit Macbeth so well. Something wicked indeed"The Dissolve

"Based on the grimy, morose visuals and the usage of the terror-inducing Swans track “Lunacy”, this is going to be one hell of a time at the movies" - Pop Matters